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We import the head, because it is in the flowmeter head that the essential fail-safe device is housed, which halts the nitrous oxide flow if less than 30% oxygen is delivered to the patient. We believe that the patients’ safety must never be compromised and have taken the policy decision to only use the best flowmeter head available, which over the years means the MDM Matrx flowmeter. Caution should be exercised in purchasing flowmeter heads not manufactured in the USA in case safety standards have been compromised in order to save costs (Relative Analgesia Equipment).

Relative Analgesia Equipment

Relative Analgesia Equipment


Nitrous system created for safety

The relative analgesia equipment is made having a inbuilt fail safe which ensures at least supply of 3 lpm of oxygen. This particular nitrous method comes in portable stand mount, wall bracket, as well as under-the-counter options. Moving stand and rubberized products included. The incorporated rubberized goods package is actually autoclavable for simple cleaning.


Oxygen Fail-Safe: in the event that the necessary oxygen supply is disrupted or perhaps unintentionally cut-off, the RA® will instantly stop the flowing of nitrous oxide.

Minimum Flow of three LPM Oxygen: the Relative Analgesia Equipment will not supply oxygen flow under 3 LPM.

Automated Air Intake Valve: in the event that contents of the breathing bag are exhausted, the air intake valve automatically opens offering room air to the individual.

Non-Rebreathing Circuit: a check valve in the blended gas outlet safeguards the individual from rebreathing exhaled fumes.

20 LPM Oxygen Flush: a built-in oxygen flush button easily situated on the front side of the RA offers an instant 20 LPM oxygen stream to your patient (Relative Analgesia Equipment).

Auxiliary Oxygen Outlet: an outlet is actually given to the attachment of the optional “3-in-1 ” Demand Valve Resuscitator.

D.I.S.S. Gas Connections: gas connections on the RA comply with the industry accepted diameter indexed safety system (D.I.S.S.)

Finger-Guard On/Off Switch: an anodized aluminum finger safeguard stops unintentional activation/deactivation of the single on/off switch.

Positive Stop Needle Valves: delicate, conveniently modifiable valves manage the flow rate of each gas individually (Relative Analgesia Equipment).

Relative Analgesia Equipment

If you have any queries regarding the theoretical and practical aspects on the subject of conscious sedation with nitrous oxide/ oxygen, feel free to contact Dr Gillman on (011) 786-2912. He is Sedatek’s medical advisor and is also a world authority on nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation. He will be happy to assist you.

Sedatek can provide all accessories and spares for the above machines plus servicing and