Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Conscious Sedation Training

Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Conscious Sedation Training for Health Professionals by World Authority Professor Mark Gillman.

Professor Mark Gillman is an internationally renowned and world authority (see short CV,

below) on the technique of using low non-anaesthetic concentrations of nitrous oxide mixed

with oxygen (Psychotropic Analgesic Nitrous oxide or [PAN]) for conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation with PAN is a simple, safe but effective technique. The training is aimed

at REGISTERED health professionals only (doctors, dentist and registered nurses). PAN can

be used for conscious sedation during surgery and dentistry and also for treating substance

abuse. Satisfactory completion of both module entitles the candidate to 10 Continuing

Professional Development (CPD) Points, including 2 ethical and will qualify them to

administer PAN to their patients ( Conscious Sedation Training )

The Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has granted medical aid codes

for using nitrous oxide sedation for minor surgery (codes: 8141/8143) and treating substance

abuse (codes: 0203/0204).

In order to obtain full competency and to use the technique on patients both Modules under

Professor Gillman’s supervision are required. Provided there are enough candidates,

Professor Gillman will train professionals anywhere in the world, as long it is a major centre.

On completion of both Modules successfully under Professor Gillman’s supervision

candidates will be competent to use PAN on their patients and will receive a Certificate of

Competency. Unfortunately, Professor cannot certify competency on the basis of the

theoretical training only.

( Conscious Sedation Training )


An outline of the course is provided – click here.

Conscious Sedation Training

Conscious Sedation Training

Biographical Sketch: Prof Mark A Gillman – Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Training

Prof Mark Gillman is an internationally celebrated scholar, teacher, neuroscientist and lecturer

who is an expert on conscious sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen (PAN) sedation –

Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Training.

He has lectured over 250 times to lay and scientific audiences both locally and internationally. He has

over 300 publications in scientific and medical journals, inclusive of 5 full-length books, and a

best-selling didactic presentation in CD format (or Electronic direct downloads format) dealing

with the theoretical aspects and technique of conscious sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen

– Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Training. His senior academic appointments include those at Witwatersrand University, Medunsa, Albert Einstein University Medical School (New York), Panum Institute [Copenhagen, Denmark) etc.

His pre-eminence as a scientific authority, is highlighted by the fact that his scientific opinion

has been canvassed during numerous interviews for local and overseas print and electronic

media in Europe and America, including the BBC. Gillman has held editorial advisory

appointments to numerous prestigious medical and scientific journals including Lancet, BMJ,

International Journal of Neuroscience, Biological Psychiatry etc. Between 1982 and 2013 he

was CEO of the S.A. Brain Research Institute (SABRI). Under his leadership, SABRI

researchers used conscious sedation with nitrous oxide/oxygen (PAN) to uncover the new

principle of biology viz., Gaseous neurotransmission. He and colleagues also discovered the

endorphin links to human sexual response and pathological states including anorexia nervosa,

spasmodic torticollis and Tourette syndrome. Gillman and colleagues also invented a novel

treatment for substance abuse with nitrous oxide/oxygen (PAN) sedation recognised by SADA,

SAMA & HPCSA and which has been used successfully in South Africa, Scandinavia,

Germany and USA -Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Training